June 21, 2017

Igor Koturbash, MD, PhD

Igor Koturbash
Associate Professor

Other Appointments

Co-Director, Center for Dietary Supplements Research


2008, PhD, University of Lethbridge, Biomolecular Sciences
2001, MD, Ivano-Frankivsk State Medical University, Ukraine

Research Interest

  • Diet and dietary supplements
  • Biomarkers of exposure
  • Environmental Epigenetics

Courses Taught

  • Product Safety Assessment (OEHM 6023)
  • Systems Therapeutics (PCOL 6203)

Recent Publications:

Skinner CM, Miousse IR, Ewing L, Sridharan V, Cao M, Kosanke S, Lin H, Williams DK, Avula B, Haider S, Chittiboyina A, Khan I, ElSohly M, Boerma M, Gurley BJ, Koturbash I. Impact of obesity on the toxicity of a multi-ingredient dietary supplement, OxyELITE ProTM (New Formula), using the novel NZO/HILtJ obese mouse model: Physiological and mechanistic assessments. Food Chem Toxicol 2018 Sep 30. pii: S0278-6915(18)30711-7. doi: 10.1016/j.fct.2018.09.067.

Miousse IR, Tobacyk J, Quick CM, Jamshidi-Parsian A, Skinner CM, Kore R, Melnyk SB, Kutanzi KR, Xia F, Griffin RJ, Koturbash I. Modulation of Dietary Methionine Intake Elicits Potent, yet Distinct, Anticancer Effects on Primary Versus Metastatic Tumors. Carcinogenesis 2018 Sep 21;39(9):1117-1126. doi: 10.1093/carcin/bgy085. PubMed PMID: 29939201; PubMed Central PMCID: PMC6148987.

Herceg Z, Ghantous A, Wild CP, Sklias A, Casati L, Duthie SJ, Fry R, Issa J-P, Kellermayer R, Koturbash I, Kondo Y, Lepeule J, Lima SCS, Marsit CJ, Rakyan V, Saffery R, Taylor JA, Teschendorff AE, Ushijima T, Vineis P, Walker CL, Waterland RA, Wiemels J, Ambatipudi S, Degli Esposti D, Hernandez-Vargas H. (2018) Roadmap for investigating epigenetic deregulation and environmental origins of cancer. Int J Cancer 142(5):874-882. PMID: 28836271.

Miousse IR, Pathak R, Garg S, Skinner CM, Melnyk S, Pavliv O, Hendrickson H, Landes RD, Lumen A, Tackett AJ, Deutz NEP, Hauer-Jensen M, Koturbash I. (2017) Short-term dietary methionine supplementation affects one-carbon metabolism and DNA methylation in the mouse gut, and leads to altered microbiome profiles, barrier function, gene expression and histomorphology. Genes Nutr 12:22. doi: 10.1186/s12263-017-0576-0. PMCID: PMC5588631.

Miousse IR, Skinner CM, Lin H, Ewing LE, Kosanke SD, Williams KD, Avula B, Khan IA, ElSohly MA, Gurley B, Koturbash I. (2017) Safety assessment of the dietary supplement OxyELITETM Pro (New Formula) in inbred and outbred mouse strains. Food Chem Toxicol 109(Pt 1):194-209. PMID: 28843594.