June 21, 2017

J. Mick Tilford, PhD

Professor and Chair of Health Policy and Management


1993 – Ph.D. (Economics), Wayne State University
1985 – MA (Economics), Central Michigan University
1982 – BS (Business & Economics), Central Michigan University

Research Interests

Economic Evaluation of Health Services

Current Research Projects

  • Measuring Quality Adjusted Life Years in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders, National Institute of Mental Health
  • Evaluation of the Arkansas Marketplace Insurance Exchange, Arkansas Insurance Department (J. Mick Tilford, PI)
  • Evaluation of the Arkansas Medicaid Expansion through the Private Option, (Joseph Thompson, PI)
  • Enhanced Academic Detailing to Increase Immunization Recall Rates, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (J. Gary Wheeler, PI)
  • Reducing Asthma Disparities Through School-Based Telemedicine for Rural Children, National Institutes of Health (Tamara Perry, PI)

Courses Taught

  • HPMT 6320, HPMT 6321 Advanced Health Economics
  • HPMT 5104/6104 Introduction to Health Economics
  • HPMT 6213 Variation in Health System Performance

Recent Publications

Clare C. Brown, Jennifer E. Moore, Holly C. Felix, M. Kate Stewart, J. Mick Tilford. “County-level Variation in Low Birthweight and Preterm Birth: An Evaluation of State Medicaid Expansion under the Affordable Care Act.” Forthcoming in Medical Care.

Hsueh-Fen Chen, Reid Landes, Robert Schuldt, J. Mick Tilford. “Quality Performance of Rural and Urban Home Health Agencies: Implications for Rural Add-On Payment Policies.” Forthcoming in the Journal of Rural Health.

Clare C. Brown and J. Mick Tilford. Perinatal Outcomes in Medicaid Expansion and Non-expansion States Among Hispanic Women –Reply. JAMA. 2019 322(9):894. (Letter)

Clare C. Brown, Jennifer E. Moore, Holly C. Felix, Mary K. Stewart, T. Mac Bird, Curtis L. Lowery, J. Mick Tilford. “Association of State Medicaid Expansion Status with Low Birthweight and Preterm Birth.” JAMA. 2019 Apr 23;321(16):1598-1609

Scott D. Grosse, Jamison Pike, Rieza Soelaeman, J. Mick Tilford. “Quantifying Family Spillover Effects in Economic Evaluations: Measurement and Valuation of Informal Care Time.” Pharmacoeconomics. 2019Apr;37(4):461-473

Clare Brown, J. Mick Tilford, Nalin Payakachat,D. Keith Williams, Karen A. Kuhlthau, Jeffrey M. Pyne, Renske J. Hoefman, Werner BF Brouwer. “Measuring Health Spill over Effects in Caregivers of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders: AComparison of the EQ-5D and SF-6D.” Pharmacoeconomics.2019 Apr;37(4):609-620
Hsueh-Fen Chen, J. Mick Tilford, Fei Wan, Robert Schuldt. “CMS HCC Risk Scores and Home Health Patient-Experience Measures.” American Journalof Managed Care. 2018 Oct.1;24(10):e319-e324
Michael Preston, Glen Mays, Zoran Bursac, Billy Thomas, Jonathan Laryea, J. Mick Tilford, Michelle Odlum, Sharla Smith, Ronda Henry-Tillman. “Insurance Coverage Mandates: Impact of Physician Utilization in Moderating Colorectal Cancer Screening Rates.” American Journal of Surgery. 2018 Jun;215(6):1004-1010
Clare C. Brown, J. Mick Tilford, T. Mac Bird. “Improved Health and Insurance Status among Cigarette Smokers After Medicaid Expansion: 2011-2016.” Public Health Reports.2018 May/Jun;133(3):294-302
Marcia A. Byers, Patricia Wright, J. Mick Tilford, Lynn S. Nemeth, Ellyn Matthews, Anita Mitchell. “Comparing Smoking Cessation Outcomes in Nurse-led and Physician-led Primary Care Visits,” J Nurs Care Qual. 2018 Jul/Sep;33(3):272-278