June 21, 2017

Joseph H. Bates, MD, MS

Associate Dean for Public Health Practice, Professor


1963 – MS (Microbiology), University of Arkansas Graduate School
1957 – M.D., University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
1954 – BS, University of Arkansas

Research Interest

Infectious diseases; tuberculosis

Courses Taught

EPID 6401 Advanced Public Health Practice

Recent Publications

Cardenas V, Orloff M, Kaminaga J, Cardenas I, Brown J, Hainline-Williams S, Duthie M, Gonzalez P, Mukasa L, Patil N, McElfish P, Bates J. Tuberculosis and Leprosy Infections in the Marshallese population in Arkansas, U.S.A. Lepr Rev. 2016: 877, 1-4.

Yang Z, Gorden T, Liu D, Mukasa L, Patil, N, Bates J. Increasing likelihood of advanced pulmonary tuberculosis at initial diagnosis in a low-incidence U S State. Int J Tuberc Lung Dis.2018:22; 628-636.

Delongchamp, R, Holt, A., Faramawi, M.F., Balamurugan, A., Reeve G., Zohoori, N. and Bates, J.(2019) Differences between Arkansas and the United States in Prevalence of Risk Factors Explain Variations in Ischemic Heart Disease Mortality Rates among Pre-Medicare (45-64) and Medicare (65-84) age Groups. European Journal of Environment and Public Health, 3(1), em00xx

Rutlen, C., Orloff, M., Bates, J., Porter, A. Association of Crop Burning with Asthma and COPD Exacerbations in Two Arkansas counties. Accepted for publication, American Journal of Allergy, 2020

Holt, A., McCormick, D., Delongchamp, R., Kulik, M., Vang, K., Bates, J. Changes in Smoking Behavior and Lung Cancer in Arkansas since 1972. Accepted for publication, Journal of the Arkansas Medical Society, 2020