July 1, 2019

Mark Williams, PhD

M. Joycelyn Elders Professor of Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Dean


1986 – Ph.D. University of Iowa
1979 – M.A. University of Nebraska
1976 – B.G.S. University of Iowa

Research Interests

  • Blood and mucosal transmitted disease epidemiology and prevention
  • Health Systems

Courses Taught

  • Introduction to Health System’s Theory
  • Introduction to Behavioral Theory
  • Scientific Writing
  • Advanced Seminar on HIV/STD Transmission and Prevention
  • Introduction to Health Policy
  • Population Health Policy and Management I & II
  • Research Design

Recent Publications

Kanamori, M., M. Williams, K. Fujimoto, C. Shrader, J. Schneider, & M. De La Rosa (in press). A social network analysis of cooperation and support in an HIV service delivery network for young Latino MSM in Miami. Journal of Homosexuality.

Page, T., M. Williams, G. Cassella, J. Adler, & B. Amick (2017). The impact of Zika on local business. Disaster Prevention & Management, 26, 452-457.

Fujimoto, K., P. Wang, L. Kuhns, L., M. Ross, M. Williams, R. Garofalo, A. Klovdahl, E. Laumann, and J. Schneider (2017). Multiplex competition, collaboration, and funding networks among social and health venues: Towards venue-based HIV interventions for young men who have sex with men (MSM). Medical Care, 55, 102-110.

Fujimoto, K., J. Kim, M. Ross, and M. Williams (2016). Multiplex crack smoking and sexual networks: Associations between networks members’ incarceration and HIV risks among high-risk MSM. Journal of Behavioral Medicine, doi: 10.1007/s10865016-9754-6.

Rivo J., Page T., Arrieta A., Amofah S., McCann S., Kassaye H., Rodriguez A., & Williams M. (2016). The impact of comprehensive pre-visit preparation on patient engagement and quality of care in a population of underserved patients with diabetes: Evidence from the Care Management medical Home Center Model. Population Health Management, 19. 171-177.