March 4, 2021

Yong-Moon (“Mark”) Park, MD, MS, PhD

Assistant Professor

Other academic, research, or policy affiliations

Special Volunteer, Epidemiology Branch, National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, National Institutes of Health, Research Triangle Park, NC;
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Department of Preventive Medicine, College of Medicine, The Catholic University of Korea, Seoul, South Korea


2015, PhD (Epidemiology), University of South Carolina
2008, MS (Genetic Epidemiology), Washington University in St. Louis
2005, PhD (Preventive Medicine), The Catholic University of Korea
1999, MMSc (Preventive Medicine), The Catholic University of Korea
1996, MD (Medicine), The Catholic University of Korea

Research Interests

Nutritional Epidemiology; Cancer Epidemiology; Epidemiology of Cardiometabolic Disease including Obesity, Type 2 Diabetes, Hypertension and Metabolic Syndrome; Clinical Epidemiology; Environmental Epidemiology; Genetic Epidemiology; Disease Prevention

My research program focuses on etiology and prevention of breast and other cancers and addresses the influence of dietary and environmental factors and cardiometabolic dysfunction on risk and prognosis of cancer. My work also considers mechanisms by which dietary patterns and nutrients affect cancer risk. Furthermore, I am interested in cardiometabolic complications and prognosis following diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Ultimately, I hope that my research will provide insight into strategies for effective prevention and intervention of breast and other cancers, as well as cardiometabolic dysfunction in cancer survivors.

Recent Publications

Park YM, Bookwalter DB, O’Brien KM, Jackson CL, Weinberg CR, Sandler DP. A prospective study of type 2 diabetes, metformin use, and risk of breast cancer. Annals of Oncology. 2021 Mar;32(3):351-359. doi: 10.1016/j.annonc.2020.12.008. PMID: 33516778

Lo JJ †, Park YM , Sinha R, Sandler DP. Association between meat consumption and risk of breast cancer: Findings from the Sister Study. International Journal of Cancer. 2020 Apr 15;146(8):2156-2165. doi: 10.1002/ijc.32547. Epub 2019 Aug 6. PMID: 31389007 (Altmetric Attention Score, 640: #10 of 10,332 outputs from International Journal of Cancer on January 1, 2021) († Student under my supervision)

Park YM, White AJ, Jackson CL, Weinberg CR, Sandler DP. Association of Exposure to Artificial Light at Night While Sleeping With Risk of Obesity in Women. JAMA Internal Medicine. 2019 Jun 10;179(8):1061-1071. doi: 10.1001/jamainternmed.2019.0571. PMID: 31180469 (Altmetric Attention Score, 1424: #58 of 4,344 outputs from JAMA Internal Medicine on January 1, 2021; Selected as a Paper of the Year for 2019 at NIEHS Intramural Research Division)

Park YM, Steck SE, Fung TT, Zhang J, Hazlett LJ, Han K, Merchant AT. Mediterranean diet, Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension (DASH) style diet, and metabolic health in U.S. adults. Clinical Nutrition. 2017 Oct;36(5):1301-1309. doi: 10.1016/j.clnu.2016.08.018. Epub 2016 Sep 8. PMID: 27665232

Park YM, Sui X, Liu J, Zhou H, Kokkinos PF, Lavie CJ, Hardin JW, Blair SN. The effect of cardiorespiratory fitness on age-related lipids and lipoproteins. Journal of the American College of Cardiology. 2015 May 19;65(19):2091-100. doi: 10.1016/j.jacc.2015.03.517. PMID: 25975472