Graduate Certificate in Environmental and Occupational Health


There is a growing need within the state of Arkansas for individuals to be trained in the core elements of environmental and occupational health. This Graduate Certificate in Environmental and Occupational Health will provide practical knowledge and tools that can be immediately applied in industrial, manufacturing, hospital, construction and other health settings. This certificate will enhance the individual’s ability to recognize, identify, measure, and control chemical, physical and biological hazards. This program of study requires twelve (12) semester credit hours.  These 12 semester hours can later be applied to the MPH program in Environmental and Occupation Health if the student decides to later continue their studies in the College. Six credits may be completed as a non-degree seeking student.

If a student is more focused on the occupational setting, the American Board of Industrial Hygiene (ABIH) requires, in addition to a bachelor’s degree in science and appropriate experience, 12 credit hours in industrial hygiene related coursework for certification as a Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH). This certificate will also then allow health professionals to meet that 12 credit requirement, should they plan to obtain a CIH through ABIH.

This program is supported by the Department of Environmental and Occupational Health.

Admissions Requirements

Applicants must possess the minimum of a US baccalaureate degree equivalent to be considered for admission. Applicants who anticipate completion of their undergraduate degree soon after the admissions deadline may apply for conditional admission. If granted conditional admission, a final transcript from the student’s baccalaureate institution must be received by the Office of Student Affairs prior to the date of registration of the admitted semester.

A letter of intent is also required (1 to 2 pages in length) and should express the reasons for interest in the Certificate program and any relevant background information on studies and job experiences.

How to Apply


The selection of courses is based on their applicability in fields where human contact with environmental hazards is probable, and sometimes inevitable. The coursework is practical and effective in dealing with environmental and occupational threats. Many of the classes can be taken online.

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Recommended Course Schedule for Environmental and Occupational Health Certificate
Full-Time Enrollment Guide

Fall Year 1

ENVH 5102: Environmental & Occupational Health (3)
ENVH 5222: Environmental Exposure Assessment (3)

Spring Year 1

Selective 1* (3)
Selective 2* or Elective 1** (3)

*Selective Options
ENVH 5202: Environmental Hazards Control (3)
ENVH 5302: Toxicology in Public Health (3)

**Elective Options (Choose 3 Credit Hours if only 3 Credit Hours of Selectives chosen)
ENVH 5221: Regulations in Environmental Health (3)
ENVH 5404: Environmental Biological Hazards (3)

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