Environmental and Occupational Health is the segment of Public Health that is concerned with assessing, understanding, and controlling the impacts of the environment on individual and population health. At the UAMS Department of Environmental and Occupational Health, we achieve this through applying the principles and practices of exposure and risk assessment, community outreach and education, toxicology, regulatory sciences, genetics, and pharmacogenomics.

Our diverse faculty is actively involved in research, teaching, and practice in a broad range of public health issues, from healthy homes to toxic waste cleanup to cancer research. Our department has particular strengths in the areas of:

*Environmental exposures and risk assessment                    *Toxicology

*Regulatory sciences                                                                    *Gene-environment interactions

To learn more about our Masters or Certificate program in EOH, call Dr. En Huang at 501-526-6627 or email EHuang@uams.edu.

To learn more about our Regulatory Sciences program, call Christopher Fettes at 501-526-4260 or email cfettes@uams.edu .