June 21, 2017

Sean G. Young, PhD

Assistant Professor


2017 – PhD, University of Iowa, Medical Geography
2013 – MA, University of Arkansas, Geography/Remote Sensing
2011 – BS, Brigham Young University, Geographic Information Systems

Research Interests

  • Medical Geography & GIS
  • Healthcare Access and Patient Travel Patterns
  • Landscape Genetics of Infectious Disease
  • Disease Ecology and Modeling
  • Satellite Data for Environmental Health

Courses Taught

  • ENVH 5102 Environmental and Occupational Health
  • OEHM 5104 Geographic Information Systems for Health Professionals

Recent publications

Young SG, Datta J, Kar B, Huang X, Williamson MD, Tullis JA, Cothren J. (2021) Challenges and limitations of geospatial data and analyses in the context of COVID-19. In D Sui and SL Shaw (Ed.), Mapping COVID-19 in space and time: Understanding the spatial and temporal dynamics of a global pandemic. Springer. ISBN 9783030728076

Brown CC, Young SG, Pro G. (2021) COVID-19 vaccination rates vary by community vulnerability: A county-level analysis. Vaccine, 39(31), 4245-9. PMCID: PMC8215509.

Pro G, Gilbert PA, Baldwin JA, Brown CC, Young SG, Zaller N. (2021) Multilevel modeling of county-level excessive alcohol use, rurality, and COVID-19 case fatality rates in the US. PLOS ONE, 16(6), e0253466. PMCID: PMC8211222.

El Zowalaty ME, DeBeauchamp J, Jeevan T, Franks J, Pretorius R, Young SG, Friedman K, Webster RG, Webby R. (2021) Molecular detection of influenza A viruses and H5 subtype among migratory Amur falcons (Falco amurensis) and captive birds of prey in South Africa. Transboundary and Emerging Diseases, 10(1), 1768023. doi: 10.1111/tbed.13988.

Young SG, Gruca TS, Nelson GC. (2020) Impact of nonphysician providers on spatial accessibility to primary care in Iowa. Health Serv Res. 55:476–85. PMCID: PMC7240764