June 21, 2017

Nickolas Zaller, PhD

Associate Professor

Director, UAMS Office of Global Health


2004, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, International Health

Research Interests

I have more than a decade of experience working with substance using and criminal justice populations in both domestic and international settings. My overall research interests are on the overlap between addiction and behavioral health disorders, infectious diseases and criminal justice involvement. I have focused my research on understanding risk for HIV acquisition and transmission among substance using and criminal justice populations as well as access to HIV and substance use treatment post-release from incarceration. Additionally, I am interested in global health research related to infectious diseases, reproductive health, behavioral health and global health systems.

Courses Taught

  • Drugs and Society, COPH HBHE 5320
  • Applied Behavioral Research Methods, COPH HBHE 6212
  • Introduction to Global Health Practice


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